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Day of Surgery Protocol

Please follow the instructions from your provider before arriving at the facility. Click here to download our general patient instructions and information.


AAASC is located within the office of L&P Aesthetics. When you arrive, enter through the front door at 105 Addison Street and check in with the Front Desk. Your nurse will be called up to greet you and begin the pre-operative process. 


If your procedure requires that someone pick you up and transport you afterward, we'll give that point of contact all the information necessary to do so. We'll work with them to understand where they're coming from, and we'll call them directly when they should leave to pick you up at the right moment.


AAASC staff will take care of you before, during, and after surgery, while at the facility. Your caretaker will be given detailed instructions on their responsibilities, before they leave with you. 

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